Let's Talk

Hello and Welcome!

Boy, it’s taken me a long time to get this blog on the road. I think it took me longer to research which blog host to use than it did to get it set up! I’m hoping that I can keep up with my content and keep you interested enough to keep coming back!

With that being said, some of my posts will be craft centered, others will be life centered. I think crafting is about both being balanced. Plus, I try to keep it real. Some days, I spend all day working on my craft business. Other days, I spend my day chasing my most favorite terrorist in the world. She’s 4 and doesn’t care that you want to see cards and learn how to create them. And, because she’s incredibly cute and sassy, most times she wins. If you don’t mind seeing posts about her, and my other 3 soon to be 4 grand babies, from time to time, then you’ll probably have fun here.

Here she is, my Willow Mae, at my best friend’s wedding in Florida.

Thanks for taking the time to join me on my journey through the world of crafting and doing life as best as we can.

Life is hard, find the tools you need to bring you some joy!

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