Birthday Card for our cat Marco

Hey there Crafty Friends!

Have you ever wondered the impact of a surprise card? Or thought, this is just a small gesture that won’t make a difference? Today, I got a birthday card for our oldest cat, Marco. He’s 12 years old and has diabetes. To say that it’s shocking that he is still with us is an understatement. So, opening an envelope from today and seeing a card in there wishing him a Happy Birthday brought a tear to my eye. It was so nice that a company took the time to even ask us his information, let alone to send him a card.

Next time you are second guessing yourself, or your card of choice, DON’T! Make that card. Send that card. Know that you have made someone’s day in a way that a simple text just can’t. It’s taking time from your day to not only think of the person, but to go through the process of making a card, writing in the card, addressing the card, and then mailing it, That’s say a lot about how much that person means to you, and they know it!

To most people, the card is a way to appease a customer, for me, it reminded me that most places I’ve shopped for his food and litter don’t even know he exists except for the money they put in their pocket. I am reminded that my customers will remember that I value them too when I send them the random thinking of you cards. Feeling appreciated is one of the most important feelings a human.

Until next time, Stay Crafty Friends!

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