Bunco Night!!!

I’m a big lover of girl time! Between crafting dates and playing bunco, I find that the best part of any girl’s night is the chit chatting that happens. The absolute silliness that can come from a group of woman getting together and just being themselves. Never underestimate the need for a good night of nonsense!

When I saw the new set Game On, it reminded me of the wonderful bunco group I was a part of in Germany. We made our Bunco score sheets ourselves when it was our turn to host. Each time I was hostess, I used my Stampin’ Up! supplies to create fun little cards. While our group here doesn’t do host made score cards, I just had to make one just as a nob to my old group. Maybe I can start a new trend with this group of ladies if they see this and like it! 😀

Thanks to my husband’s idea, I added a score card on the inside! It really finished this card for me!

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